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2018 PPA Digital Awards “PPA Team Leader of the Year”.

2017 DigiDay awards “Best E-Commerce Strategy”,

2017 PPA digital awards “Website of the year”,

2018 British media awards “Digital product of the year”,

2018 Motor finance awards “Intermediary of the year”,

2018 Finance & Insurance Awards “Treating Customers Fairly”

Specialist in digital product development, online marketplaces, eCommerce and building amazing online experiences. Multi-award-winning digital business leader with over 20 years experience. Proven track record for successful strategies, launching and delivering digital products, being able to hire and retain talented teams, whilst also demonstrating business acumen with double YOY revenue growth.

Our work

Created the UK’s first end-to-end online automotive marketplace:

• Designed, built and launched the automotive marketplace platform and business

• Integrated eCommerce, financing, car trade-in and delivery into one seamless customer experience

• Conversion optimisation, traffic growth and efficient call centre operations, led revenue growth to £60m PA

• Successful business acquisition and exit; pitching, negotiation, due-diligence and contracts

Canvas8 is an independent behavioural insights agency. Core to it's offering is a website providing a searchable database of case studies behind a paywall. Implemented best agile development practices, QA process, a short and long term strategy. Resulting in an exciting project allowing me to provide architecture innovation, and lead the team in migrating from an ageing CMS with monolithic Linux java stack, to a cloud serverless architecture with modern headless CMS and JAMstack React frontend using Vercel, Next.js, Docker and Amazon AWS.

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